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He got the date right: Paul Thurrott divulges more about the new Xbox

TechRadar - This is it. Microsoft is going to reveal the new Xbox on May 21.

But just because we know when it's coming doesn't mean we're going to stop speculating about it, and Microsoft blogger Paul Thurrott today revealed on his Windows IT Pro blog decided to share what he "knows" about the 'box also known as "Durango."

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-Mezzo-3137d ago

I have a reminder set on Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop & Desktop.

Don't want to miss this,... Really Excited.

evil_element3137d ago

If it runs Windows 8, I will ROFL big time.

aviator1893137d ago

I doubt it will be a copy and paste sort of thing. Running the core of the os could mean many things.

cell9893137d ago

you know it does, with kinect acting as a "touch" device

Cueil3136d ago

both consoles are X64 PCs