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Nvidia Readying A Certain GeForce GTX Titan Ultra, Supposedly Packing A Fully Unlocked GK110 Core

Gamingio - NVIDIA could very well be prepping up another ‘GeForce Titan’ GPU, codenamed ‘Titan Ultra’. You might have guessed it by now, the Titan Ultra is set to feature a fully unlocked GK110 GPU core.

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Crazyglues3201d ago

Is it just me, or are graphic cards now getting into the insane land...

I mean what are you running on that card, because a normal GTX 680 pretty much handles most gaming needs..

So what game needs a GTX 690 Titan Ultra..??? or is this for the hardcore insane PC people who just love to say My PC is faster then yours.. LoL

Grilla3201d ago

It's for multi monitor setups or hi Rez screens. You're right though, this would be overkill for a single 1080p monitor.

justinbkerr3201d ago

I have a three monitor setup that I love, and I can confirm even a GTX 680 struggles with 3x 1080p on newer games.