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2014: The year of the Linux car?

Zdnet- You read that right, Not the year of the Linux desktop, the year of the Linux car. Major automotive companies are investing in making Linux their cars' operating system of choice

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Settler3197d ago

Personal opinion, not need. Don't know about others

mpctips3197d ago

"After all, as Jones said, 'When was the last time you bought a car based on its operating system?'"

Hopefully never.

a_squirrel3196d ago

QNX is already in plenty of cars.

a_squirrel3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Don't believe me, check this out. A lot of major car companies are going to be making cars with QNX integrated with all kinds of things like hands free menu navigation via voice recognition. This is pretty old news actually, and these aren't even all of the people working with QNX.

Computersaysno3197d ago (Edited 3197d ago )

I love that technology has made the engineering of cars way way better over the years but I don't really want or need a PC built into the machine so I can see what is being said on twitter or Facebook in my car. I couldn't give a toss when I am driving.

I suppose to some people driving is a chore instead of a pleasure and want this sort of thing but I am a bit of a driving purist here and still appreciate the freedom of driving and the joys of controlling a couple tonnes of machine like an extension of myself.

It will always be fun to me without the interference of massive screens flashing up the latest trending hashtag. I often get into my car and drive to escape and think. Maybe it is because I am not compelled to drive for work and I can separate the two.

DanyBrown3196d ago

i totally agree withyou on that driving to me is a pleasure and i did use to drive a lot for work and i still enjoyed it. Computers have been in cars for ages and this may just be the car manufacturers wanting ro spend less on the associated costs. people expect things like satnav and traffic information when they drive and to bring it to the masses they need to reduce costs somewhere

cheetorb3196d ago

Unless this is something that will diagnose problems or assist in making the car run more efficiently, I'm not interested in some gimmicky marketing crap. The more things you put into a car the more things you end up having to fix.

We have phones, tablets, laptops, how many more screens do we need in front of us?

TheMrMalro3196d ago

Uh... we have Android cars already... so kinda here already... XD