13 PC technologies that need to disappear, stat

PC World - Time marches on, but some PC technologies don’t know when they’ve worn out their welcome. While we applaud motherboard manufacturers for helping us extend the lives of our hardware, we also realize that we’re paying for many components that we’ll never, ever use.

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-Mezzo-3208d ago

Don't see any of them being ditched completely, anytime soon.

KingPin3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

ditch VGA? i don't think so.
its simply a cheaper alternative.
and when you buy your after-market graphics card that comes with a built in HDMI port you can plug in your expensive monitor if you have one.

Optical drives - seriously? this will only die long after im gone. he says who rips nowadays.....ever been on torrents. those are people that rip so he can download digitally. and besides, sometimes hard copies are just better. if you ever had a 1TB HDD crash you would know what im talking about.

jerethdagryphon3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

optical.. main use archival formats secureing infor for shipping photos anything that needs to survive an emp
optical will advance but never go not until something better takes its place memory sticks are great but dvd bluray has space and affordability for massive backups

@ below thats not weed your smoking its belly button lint...

kingPoS3207d ago

Get rid of VGA & DVI!!!!

Give me a hit of that. [puff puff exhale]

They should get rid of Bluray too! Everyone's long had gigabit internet, nobody has internet outages anymore.

Hahahahahaa! This is some potent green. [puff exhale]

2pacalypsenow3207d ago

This guy acts like having this tech is slowing down the progress of technology . Its not having VGA on some motherbaords doesnt affect others using dvi or HDMI

RetrospectRealm3207d ago

Only thing I really care about is the Optical Disc Drive. Discs are still widely used. Plus, the fact that the last game he bought was FEAR means he doesn't understand how it really feels to own a hard copy of a good game.

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