Is it possible to create a 10W gaming PC?

TechRadar - While phones and tablets can idle at sub-watt levels, even a modest PC gaming rig can happily suck down almost 200 watts of power without trying.

If you're sat there browsing the web or furiously writing complaints about the neighbour's leylandii, all that power seems a bit of a waste of energy.

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fatstarr3208d ago

whats the big deal. smh i will be pissed if the goal for pc parts makers = to strive to have sub 100w pcs

it will be like the day when they replaced my high tier showers with the under powered low flow shower heads

SKUD3208d ago

Time to hit serb black market. I hear their fanatic about there showers.

Grilla3208d ago

Maybe when intel releases broadwell next year, but it's still gonna be pretty underpowered.