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AT&T, Google At Arms: Race for Gigabit Internet in Austin

GamersNexus: "Google has already forced AT&T and Time Warner to initiate discussion with Kansas City officials, the companies desiring the same incentivized packages Google received, and now they're doing the same in Austin. Following Google's official Austin deployment announcement, AT&T has stated that it also intends to lay the fiber optic framework required to offer consumer-class gigabit connections. The project has been codenamed "Project VIP," originally announced in 2012, and aims to codify fiber optic options and expanded LTE services in major US cities."

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adorie3210d ago

I hope AT&T gets it's complacent ass handed to it. They and Time Warner have a fire under both their butts and the fire has a name. Google.

Only now are telecommunications starting tomove because they see Google wants a piece of their pie and is being aggressive in getting it.

fatstarr3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

Im glad. the industry has gotten stagnant and now Google is going to disrupt it. verizon has been doing a decent job too but google is taken more seriously.

adorie3210d ago

Agreedm Fatstarr. Agreed.