Verizon CEO says he's open to dropping contracts

Cnet - CEO Lowell McAdam says the company could easily shift to the model if consumers begin demanding it.

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-Mezzo-3219d ago

Damn, this needs to happen. not just by Verizon but by other providers as well.

Software_Lover3219d ago

How about drop the ridiculous f'n prices. That would impress me.

Seraphim3218d ago

that's what I'm talking about. price points are ridiculous. Of course so are their new pricing strategies/plans. $40 Monthly Line Access fee? 2GB w/ Unlimited Talk & Text for $60. Ok that's not bad but tossing that BS "Line Access Fee" just to keep pricing high is disgusting. Least before it was $40+ Phone, $20 Unlimited Text, $30 Unlimited Data. rambles on... I have to agree though. Something needs to be done regarding the F'n prices. It's criminal what Verizon and AT&T are charging. Those are the only 2 providers here.... they need to come down to reality and charge consumers a reasonable rate.

gunnerforlife3219d ago

i feel sorry how badly you americans get ripped of when it comes to mobile phone contracts im getting samsung Gs4 on a 33£ a month contract :/ unlimited min and texts and 1 gig data. you guys really need to stand up to this lot.

SKUD3218d ago

No way their gonna let go of those balls (customers).