Is The Internet Making us Become Idiots?

Planet Ivy: Its 4am. You’ve learnt the population of Malta is 368,250 via the shocking realization that Britney Spears was born there. The hyperlink winks across the screen. In the bloodshot half-light, confusion may grip you - how did you get here? Who is Britney Spears and what the hell is a Malta? Where are those five hilarious photos of dogs in clothes? What were we talking about?

So much ground covered and so little retained, and you are not alone in this. Considering how much time is spent on the internet it's no surprise that our brains are changing, rewiring themselves in 140 characters or less. The short form prevalent on Twitter, news feeds and the internet in general is having a profound effect on the way we think, and it's not necessarily a good thing.

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moviewatcher3220d ago

Twitter has made people stupider. No doubt

appleandroid3220d ago

I don't think much has changed, they just used to watch TV before, zombie-like..

Software_Lover3220d ago

No, but technology is. We, as a human race, may have obtained alot of knowledge because of school and the internet, but if power went out for good, unlike our ancestors we would die of starvation.

Lone_Man3219d ago

Necessity... the mother of invention.