Are 'Phablets' Like Samsung's Galaxy Note a Passing Fad?

HotHardware: Recent data released by Flurry Analytics reveals there are now around 1 billion smartphones and tablets in use around the world every month, and as the device base grows, so too does the diversity of screen sizes. That's largely thanks to Android, the most prolific mobile platform on the planet. With so many screen sizes to choose from, which are the most popular?

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fatstarr3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

it is definitely a fad, I wanted to slap someone in their head for buying it. the phone is a big as a slice of pizza. hopefully it goes away.

its not a phone in any sense to me. and as long as other manufacturers dont go that far it will die out.

Software_Lover3221d ago

Would it be better if they just used a bluetooth headset?

I mean, imagine just one device for everything. Microsoft Surface Pro, with 4g service that has a built in phone. There could be a keychain device (digital watch maybe even better) where you can look on your wrist to see the incoming caller id or just to dial, if it is inconvenient to pull out your tablet.

............. I need to get patents on some of this stuff.

I know most of what I said is impractical, lol.