US to remove Chinese computing hardware from federal systems amidst spying concerns

Vyralize: A New U.S. law has been passed forcing some federal agencies to consult with the FBI before purchasing computing hardware from The People’s Republic of China.

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Vyralize3225d ago

Darn those Chinese and cheap hardware.

RonyDean3225d ago

I get my best crap from China! NOOO! haha...

mcroddi3225d ago

Seems like a good move. Spy shit.

gamernova3225d ago

Good move for the US. You can never be too careful.

monkey nuts3225d ago

They'll still get hacked though. A few years back in the uk they found keylogging softwear in millions of duracell/ Energiser usb powered battery chargers that had been bought/ used by the general public. Far to many to be some disgruntled chinesse worker/s.
They band them from entering the uk but this was nearly 2 years or so sinced they first began being shipped. No consequences for who ever was behind it all, not even a proverbial slap on the wrist.

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