Samsung Galaxy S4 – is £630 too much for a phone?

Which? Convo: Pricing for the Samsung Galaxy S4 has finally been revealed, and even Apple’s iPhone 5 is £100 cheaper to buy. So is this latest Android smartphone value for money? We’ve been scouting for views.

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SnakeCQC3220d ago

not if you knew whats powering the phone. The processor is just amazing coupled with everything else its just a good value

hellvaguy3218d ago

And yet dual core cell phones processors still aren't even being fully utilized from 2 years ago. These are a waste of time.

SnakeCQC3217d ago

not by everything but they are by the os and some games. Apps and games are made by very small dev teams sometimes literally just one guy. Its unreasonble to expect everything app/ game to be 100% utilised for everything. New stuff will be an time alot more stuff

hellvaguy3217d ago

Obviously were not talking about everything using a quad core +. Im talking about there not even 1 thing that utilizes a dual core.

To recap, if nothing uses it, than everything wont either. But ya hopefully in the nest few years we can start seeing some dual core aps, and a few yars after that quad core.