10 gadgets you should not buy in 2013

Gadget Mill: We are currently in the first quarter of 2013 and have seen a lot of new gadgets released already and available for sale. Yet we are still expecting plenty more gadgets to come; some of which are unproven, wacky and some simply downright bizarre. As money is becoming tight and the economic climate very mysterious we decided what better way to save your money than to create a list of gadgets you should stay clear of in 2013!

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deadman1213219d ago

So what do you guys think of the list?

Yi-Long3218d ago

... but I disagree about OUYA.

I'm not saying it's going to be great, cause I don't know how it will pan out.

I AM saying it has a HUGE potential.

First of all, it's obviously not meant to compete with current-gen or next-gen consoles. It's something completely different.

It CAN compete with XBLA/PSN games, and THAT'S the huge appeal to me. I love 2D platformers. I love top-down racers. Those games which were awesome back in the day, and which you now see scoring high as downloadable titles on current-gen consoles. Think Super Meat Boy. Think Spelunky. Think Motorstorm RC. Etc etc.

There are already games for Android that I would absolutely LOVE to play in HD on a big-screen TV with a normal controller, like Reckless Racing 2, or Machinarium.

But let's say it will fail as a gaming console. There might be a lack of support from developers (I doubt it), or the hardware isn't decent enough, or it's just a marketing problem, or whatever. Lets say it fails.

Then you've still got an absolutely AWESOME mediacenter, with XBMC or whatever else you might want to use.

And obviously, it will also play emulators, so I'll be able to replay all my old favourites from the Megadrive, Amiga, Arcade, whatever. It won't be powerful enough for emulating newer systems, but I'd love to just play The Firemen or Chrono Trigger again.

Yes, you can do all that on a PC as well, but for many people the PC is still not used in the living room, and this is a sexy, small and affordable alternative.

It's an entertainment-box. And it's small enough you can just take it anywhere as well, to hook it up at a friend's house, or just to another room.

The only thing about that OUYA that I'm skeptical about, is that they said they would release a newer version every year.

deadman1213218d ago

I totally see your point; I was skeptical to whether to include it in the list or not which is why it made 'Gadget number 10'.

It has potential but I am slightly confused to how it will pan out when it is using a market place that contains a lot of games specifically for the touch screen market.

I'm guessing some developers will adapt their games to work with a controller, but some games are purely touch screen based which makes the concept for me slightly confusing.

Lets just wait and see how it goes, if it does work though I'm sure Android will get a huge boost in terms of support from developers in general.

Speed-Racer3218d ago

4G? So, what am I supposed to use then? Do you mean stick with an alternative like HSPA+ for low 4G/regular 3G speeds?

deadman1213218d ago

In the UK where EE has a monopoly on 4G technology at the moment not USA buddy.

Speed-Racer3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

What are the alternate mobile data technologies? 3G? EDGE?

Edit - Ok did a quick search for O2 and Orange, and there is 3G... which is not bad in my opinion. I've never been one who was picky about blazing speeds on my phone.

krazykombatant3218d ago

Orange is EE Racer-X O2 and the others are planning on implementing the 4G but later in the year not yet.