Where in the World Are Windows Phones Outselling iPhones?

NYT: On Wednesday morning, Frank Shaw, the head of public relations at Microsoft, published a blog post tallying Microsoft’s progress across several different product areas, including Windows Phone, its operating system for smartphones.

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loserboi3903d ago

The reason Windows Phone outselling iPhone because iPhone is expensive in those countries and many can't afford it.

How many of you agreed with this quote ??

Knight_Crawler3902d ago

Yup, I think people in 3rd world countries have better things to do with US$600 than buy a iPhone.

Agent_hitman3902d ago

I agree with you, even in the Philippines, iPhone's price is insanely expensive @ Php40,000 equivalent to $650.. lol

ThePundit3902d ago

In India it is INR 45500 -- equivalent to US$850

DanyBrown3902d ago

troll article troll title and troll submitter crawl back in your cave instead of spreading your lies

Speed-Racer3902d ago

Lmao, I think the contributor pasted the wrong information. Anyway, it's been updated.

DanyBrown3902d ago

you are right the link has been updated my apologies to the contributor

CEOSteveBallmer3902d ago

Haha windows phone. So is it a better OS on phones than Android and Ios??

boing13902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

Better than Android - no chance, better than iOS - absolutely.

CEOSteveBallmer3902d ago

Well said, I knew windows phone is no better than android. Android OS is open source any developer can contribute and its "personalized" unlike iOS nothing new. But I dont want a windows Phone OS also. I'll stick to my android phone.

NonApplicable3902d ago

I owned a windows phone for a couple days. Ended up selling it because I felt limited. What's included with W8P is nice but honestly, I missed the customization unique to the Android platform.

Apple has gotten too comfortable with IOs. In my opinion it's outdated by today's standards.

Mikefizzled3902d ago

I think the lumia range has been a hit in the poorer countries, the 520, 620 and 720 in particular.

Kos-Mos3902d ago

What sane man without gene-errors buys an i-product or a windows product? None.


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