Samsung's Secret To Innovating: An Extraordinary Grip On Components

Forbes- Apple (AAPL), the world’s most profitable smartphone maker, has a number of advantages over most of the competition. Momentum, complete control over its end-to-end user experience, design prowess and a number of major new revenue channels it may be preparing to tap can be listed among them. But there is one area where top rival Samsung (005930) has a huge edge over Apple and other smartphone companies, and a recent report illustrates just how important it really is.

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fatstarr3227d ago

I feel like I have read this already...

samsung has the power to do what ever its research and development team can imagine.

no massive deals to cut with 3rd party vendors. keep everything in house. that's how it used to be before the concept and acceptance of global enlightenment ( create an idea then outsource to global companies for parts and labor (mostly china) and have them manufacture for cheap) and then the world changed. honestly going back to your roots might be the next band wagon in tech.