Texting in traffic: Adults worse than teens

USA Today: Forget teenagers. Adults are the biggest texting-while-driving problem in the USA. What's worse — they know it's wrong. Almost half of all adults admit to texting while driving in a survey by AT&T provided to USA TODAY, compared with 43% of teenagers. More than 98% of adults — almost all of them — admit they know it's wrong but still do it. Six in 10 say they weren't doing it three years ago.

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fatstarr3227d ago

if its a redlight or gridlock whats wrong with me sending off a message or 2?

I dont text and drive but I do change the songs playing.

KingPin3226d ago

thats the problem, its not just a text or 2. its an entire conversation and when traffic lessens, the texting doesn't.
also people are not focusing on the road. slower to take off and also a higher probability of rolling into the back of someone.

as for you changing songs, all i can say is you need a better car radio. invest in one, even the cheapest ones take usb sticks and play mp3s.

fatstarr3225d ago

I drive manual and I sit in neutral during traffic. so paying attention is a must for moving forward.

as far as car radios, I have all of that. but that also drew into my hate for apple. my raido supports usb inputs from iphones and apple products only. so plugging my usb into the deck is useless as nothing will happen. it really pisses me off, I have about 12 usb sticks (thanks to microcenter 8gb for like4 4$ 32 gbs for 12 if you look hard enough) filled with music like they are tape cassets but sometimes you just wanna hear whats on your phone. and i can do it with out looking. I just press next and have random take care of it.