List of 156 Best Android Apps 2013

Android Settler- This opinion piece will help you in exploring everlasting hub of applications i.e Google Play with this list of Best Android Apps for your mobile.

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Settler3218d ago

OMFG 156, I need full day to check the whole list :P
@loserboi just kidding, list seems fine to me, don't know about others.

Anarki3217d ago

"Best apps of 2013" posted in March.

loserboi3217d ago

"156 Best Android Apps 2013"
"156 Best Android Apps of 2013"

Now if you say that both title meaning is same,then thanks for your valuable comment, I really appricate your comment :)

fatstarr3218d ago

dreadful article design. no pics or images or videos... -_-

loserboi3217d ago

Just a single click to a app link and it will take you to the page, where you get what you need, in some cases videos also.