CyanogenMod Founder Leaves Samsung, Takes Potshots at TouchWiz on Way Out

HotHardware: It's inevitable that all good things eventually come to an end, but who could have predicted that Steve Kondik's stint working for Samsung wouldn't even last two years? You might know Kondik better as "Cyanogen," his online moniker that became a household name in Android rooting communities. He created CyanogenMod, easily the most popular set of third party ROMs for Android, a feat that wasn't lost on Samsung, which hired Kondik in August 2011. When he was hired, he promised to make "Android more awesome." He'll now have to do that outside of the confines of Samsung.

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fatstarr3229d ago

ill have to wait for some good roms to drop. Touch wiz has been a thorn since the omnia days. I dont get why samsung thinks its good.

nice candid review of the s4 though.