Samsung Raised Price of Galaxy S4; all Price Rumors Goes Wrong - Rumors were in the air about Samsung galaxy S4 official price and now Samsung official website is showing the retail price of galaxy S4. According to rumors we have previously discussed price of galaxy S4 as it will be near about $579. And according to pricing rumors, the price of Samsung galaxy S4 is low as compare to expected price of Apple phone 5s, which is $649. Galaxy was winning in the price race as its features are really good as compare to iPhone 5s features and everybody is waiting to this Smartphone.

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Yi-Long3230d ago

... you're better off just buying a good powerful Chinese brand phone.

hellvaguy3230d ago

Theres never been a chinese brand thats ever been good or powerful. Its all cheap and low quality.

Yi-Long3229d ago

... cause there are already chinese phones on the market which score higher in tests than the last gen A-brand phones (Galaxy SIII and such).

Gizchina is a nice up-to-date site that often reports on test-results. More and more people around the world are discovering chinese phones like Jiayu, and importing them.

jerethdagryphon3229d ago

i own a note 2 and its worth every penny, you psy for what you get and samsung phones are good

dj3boud3229d ago

"Galaxy was winning in the price race as its features are really good as compare to iPhone 5s features"

what does the writer smoke! S4 is clearly well beyond whats the 5S is going to offer.. S4 is gonna worth every penny, as opposed to iphone with its incremental updates and price.

steve30x3230d ago

Samsung is starting to get greedy


Starting, They have been that way! There phones are always 5-600 dollars.

SnakeCQC3229d ago

the galaxy s3 blew away the iphone 5 and and s4 will blow away the 5s

steve30x3229d ago

Really? I have a Samsung phone here thats €199. So their phones are always 5 - 600?

husomc3229d ago

so is apple the only company allowed to charge exorbitant amounts for their products? samsung's products are worth every penny specially if you consider the features & specifications

steve30x3229d ago

Everything apple makes is an extortinate price.

specialguest3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

Samsung never started getting greedy. If you followed Samsung phones as long as I have, you would remember that Samsung have many phones that were above $650. The 2008 Innov8 was $700-$800. The Omnia 2 was $999.

Keep in mind that the Innov8 was not even a touch screen phone. So in actuality, $650 for what you're getting in a GS4 is a reasonable price. Samsung have actually gotten cheaper on their flagship phones.

hellvaguy3230d ago

With 2 year contract $199. Nothing new here folks. Move along.

Finalfantasykid3229d ago

I'm glad I don't own a phone

KrimsonKody3229d ago

Does ANYONE ever use every single one of these 'new' features that they add?
The cost is no problem if the tech is right.
These companies are trying to juice the cosumer with essentially the same model as previous.

SnakeCQC3229d ago

an octocore and a 1080p oled screen were in the s3?

JB0715923229d ago

But then ask yourself this question, why must some need an Octocore or a 1080p screen on a PHONE?

IRetrouk3229d ago

Why not? I watch alot of video content on my s3, a better screen and faster internal components is a good thing.

SnakeCQC3229d ago

the tech in phones hsould progress. I mean the highest top end phones have always been around this price; so i dont understand what people problems are. Would you have actually preffered the same specs as the s3 but a completely different design and samsung to call it an "new phone". I guess people like to be annoyed with anything.