“First to file” patent law starts today: what it means in plain English

Gigaom: America has joined the rest of the world in switching from a “first-to-invent” system to a “first-to-file” system. Here’s a quick summary of the change and why it will not have a big effect on the patent system.

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DivineHand1253180d ago

This is bullshit. This new rule favors large cooperation that has the resources to file patents very quickly. Small businesses really doesn't stand a chance since these larger ones might send out scouts to steal any idea that has not been patented as yet.

CRMzova3180d ago

This is how it is in the world. the little guy always gets mushed and never gets a chance at anything. that why the things I built i wont patent them because wit this system you don't even need to have a working system yet alone a theory just some scribble on some paper and say this is how it's suppose to work and you get 1st dibs. IMO I don't think this will hole in court, if you get sued, because how will they know you took their patent it's not like you followed it to a "T" and made one you did you're on methods to build it

jack who3180d ago

can file a patent for under 900$

DivineHand1253179d ago

you can file one for that but the additional fees to finish the process could carry it to over $15,000

kingPoS3179d ago

Patents are meant to be used 'not' hoarded! There should be appropriated penalties to help prevent the abuse of unused patents. (squatting)