GamerHubTV:Hands-On With Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera Feature Demo

GamerHub.TV was at New York City's Radio City Music Hall when Samsung announced the Galaxy S4 and showed off new camera features within this Hands On Demo.

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awkwardhamster2785d ago

With the iPhone had such a nice camera.

YoureINMYWay852785d ago

Nice! Samsung is giving apple a run for its money

KrisK2784d ago

I am so getting this phone. Its going to be a jump from iphone to Android....but from what I hear I will be happy.

gunnerforlife2782d ago

you're gone need at least a week or so or even a month to get used to the difference, that i promise u

CptBach2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

I just switched back to iphone from the galaxy S3.. It's a much better phone, snappier, faster..

Whatever you need to do on your phone, iphone does it better