‘Awkward’ Windows 8 not yet stopping the consumer rush toward tablets

BGR: Microsoft’s (MSFT) attempts to merge desktop and tablet functionalities with Windows 8 have left it with an “awkward” operating system that consumers have been slow to adopt, says Nomura Equity Research analyst Rick Sherlund. Per Barron’s, Sherlund released a new research note this week saying that it will take much more time for Microsoft to fully develop Windows 8 to the point where it can “deliver more compelling form factors and lower prices and a richer ecosystem of developers and apps for the Microsoft store.”

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Malacath2774d ago

Just bought a windows 8 laptop. It took me about 20 minutes to work out how to shut it down but the more i'm getting used to it the more i'm liking it.

steve30x2774d ago

I got windows 8 two months ago and modded it to bypass the new start screen and work exactly like windows 7 which only took about five seconds.

Army_of_Darkness2774d ago

So what was the point in getting windows 8 then if your gonna do that??
wouldn't it just take more sense to just stick with windows 7?

steve30x2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

The point of getting windows 8 and modifying it to run like windows 7 was for two reasons.

(1) My copy of windows 7 was Pirated
(2) I got windows 8 for €15 because I bought a laptop last july

mcstorm2774d ago

I have been using Windows 8 on my work none screen laptop since Windows 8 came out and I have not had any issues with the OS and as after using it for a few days ive found it easier to use than Windows 7 as everything I need is pinned to my start menu. I don't use any Metro (New UI Apps on it as I don't use it for Touch) I also have a surface RT that replaced my Xoom 2 months ago and for me there is no better tablet out there for what it offers me.

The Touch Apps work very well and I am also able to use the keyboard and mouse on it for when I need to do some remote work at the evening and it means I can now leave my work laptop at home and just use my Surface for all my needs at home.

It is really each to there own with Tablets ect but people who keep saying there is a learning curve for Windows 8 there is one for anyone going from Windows XP, Vista or 7 to any OS on the market now from IOS, OSX, Android, ect.

The problem for Windows 8 is not that people are not liking it, its that there are no devices out there to show off the hardware.

Go into Curry's in the PC and you will see a few Windows 8 pc's and then a load of Android tablets and the IPad.

A lot of normal people are buying a tablet over a pc because they tend to use them just for facebook and emails and Android and Ipads do this without any issues.

For me one of 2 things needs to happen with Windows 8.

One of them is that everyone needs to up there game. Dell HP Samsung ect have give us poor and expensive Windows 8 tablets/laptops.

Lenovo have given us a few good ones but the prices are more than people want to spend. Once they all start brining out lower cost devices and we get them to buy in the shops people will start to by them along with Ipads and Android tablets.

The Other is Microsoft now need to stop holding back and push there own hardware. The Surface RT has sold 1 million devices and the Pro has sold half a million in under a month. This is big numbers when you consider that they have limited number of shops that sell it. Here in the UK we have them for sale in John Lewis which is not a big computing shop and not in every City.

If you look at things like this and then start to see the Surface in shops next to the Ipad and other Android tablets it stands out and people will look at it as well as the other tablets.

I don't think Windows Will ever be as big as it has been in the past for home users as the market has changes but I see Android, IOS and Windows all doing well come the next 2 years.

As for the business side of things Windows will still be the big force. I work in an IT company and we have now sold 15 Windows 8 laptops and we have not had one complaint about the OS for the customers and we have been able to customise what the customers see so the only thing different for them is the start screen and how the pc is shut down.

As I said its all each to there own but I don't see Windows 8 as being a flop and I do see 12 months from now sales of the OS if it gets the devices will be selling very well.

Sashamaz2774d ago

You probably have some good points in this but I'm sorry, this wall is too much to read, and for that reason I disagree with you.

mcstorm2774d ago

Lol so you disagree with something without reading it. Well done that shows the type of people on here.

Gamesgbkiller2774d ago

I'm starting to like it more and more :)