Web advertisers attack Mozilla for protecting consumers' privacy

Consumer Affairs: Most people have never heard of the Mozilla Foundation, so it may come as a surprise to hear it being lambasted as a major threat to the survival of American small business

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kingPoS3180d ago

Can I get a raise of hands of FireFox users who like privacy...

evil_element3180d ago

Down with Chrome (They sell all your data to advertisers)

Support for Firefox (Because they are not a corporation but a foundation).

tachy0n3180d ago

I didn't know this, I'm going to switch all my systems to firefox now.

screw the new world order.

hiredhelp3180d ago

Hip hip always used firfox love the add-ons

Cueil3180d ago

Firefox is so slow and cumbersome now and the most insecure browser

evil_element3180d ago

@Cueil, I take it your a SOPA and PIPA supporter? Believe in corporations recoding everything about you?

Cueil3180d ago

*TCP/IP Falcon Punch* because I don't like how Firefox is a giant resource hog and is the slowest major browser I support retarded legislation?

Bimkoblerutso3180d ago

It is SLIGHTLY slower than Chrome for some things (most things are generally equal). Plus, security is generally rated just as high as Chrome. Though it should actually be rated higher if people compared the privacy agreements between the two.

Cueil3180d ago

that doesn't change the fact that it's the most insecure browser... by a long shot

evil_element3179d ago

@Cueil Where's your evidence to support your statement? You do know also that plugins slow down browsers?

Bimkoblerutso3179d ago

Well, you spent your bubbles telling us we're wrong without supplying any evidence. So...oh well?

KingPin3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

this is why i use opera browser.
they have such a small user base, its not worth it for any company to ask for their users data. lol

not to mention it works. i haven't had any issues. speed, compatibility, security, its all here.

a_squirrel3180d ago

I like Opera. They're trying to be different and do a good job at it.

DivineHand1253180d ago

I know it is scary to know that a third party is recording what you do on the internet but it's not like its humans that are reading your private data. it's not like "hey i wonder what sites John Doe frequents, lets look it up. what's this! he spends 50% of his day on xrated sites LOL". Instead its AI that is looking trough this information to detect trends that most people might over look to determine what ads are best for this user.
I think that ads would be less annoying if they were about something you actually cared about rather than just random things you have no interest in.
It's a two way street. The advertisers and providers benefit from earning revenue by placing the appropriate ads for to the potential customer and the internet users benefit from being exposed to products or services he/she might be interested in but might have never known about its existence prior to viewing the ad.