Mismanagement of the Pebble Smartwatch May Have Killed its Chances to Succeed

Justin McBride for The Mind of Game Writes - "Looking over the Pebble launch, I’m astonished to that it’s practically a textbook example of how to bungle the launch of a highly anticipated product. Just about everything that could go wrong, did. Production hadn’t even begun before Christmas (remember, it was supposed to ship to backers in September), the SDK has not yet been sent to developers (supposed to delivered in August) and through all of this, a general lack of communication, which may well be the worst misstep of them all."

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As Pebble cloud support dies, Rebble emerges to continue support of the smart watch

At the end of June, Fitbit plans to end support on the Pebble cloud services. If you own a discontinued Pebble watch, this means you’ll no longer be able to use the app store, reply to an email, or SMS messages from your wrist. Luckily, help may soon be on the way thanks to Rebble.

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Fitbit CEO says buying Pebble could help it crack the code on smartwatches

Following Fitbit’s acquisition of smartwatch maker Pebble, it seems obvious that Fitbit is considering a deeper dive into the smartwatch market.

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Goodbye (and maybe good riddance) to Pebble

Engadget editors have strong feelings about the pioneering smartwatch maker.

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