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Facebook can accurately tell if you are gay, smart, black, based on ‘Likes’ alone

Vyralize: Researchers have developed an algorithm that uses only Facebook ‘Likes’ to accurately build a psychometric profile about anyone using the social media service.

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Vyralize3192d ago

Time to start liking a whole bunch of fake stuff!

silenius3191d ago

What does that even mean... "black"??!!
so a black person likes a very specific type of things that NONE of the other races do???
This headline is so wrong in every possible way...

SilentNegotiator3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )


Certain types of people, yes including of race, GENERALLY have some similar interests to each other. And since it's facebook, its generalizing mostly about black people in non-African nations, where they tend to be minorities and find identity in their race.

It's really nothing to be all that shocked or offended over. This is how businesses do research to best serve customers; with generalities.

dilawer3191d ago

How does it even tell what race I am? Do people of different colors (no offense to anyone) like different stuff?

SilentNegotiator3191d ago

They probably start by checking your profile picture.

Speed-Racer3192d ago

This is why I don't use Facebook for personal stuff.

Speed-Racer3191d ago

I don't think there is anything wrong with trying to draw the line with regard to privacy on the web.

Speed-Racer3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

@SephirothX21 - It's so hard to be a pedo and live a private life these days. Where have all the morals gone?


Kos-Mos3191d ago

People put themselves way too high. Who is interested in this information anyway?

Qrphe3191d ago

Everyone trying to make a revenue off of advertising.

There is nothing wrong with not having Facebook.

mcroddi3191d ago

Wow. Seems super intrusive.

forum673191d ago

In the mean time , Google already found out Facebook users are gay.

RetrospectRealm3191d ago

The poster originally had the title just saying 'gay' or 'black', but he thought he'd throw in 'smart' to seem less suspicious.

Vyralize3191d ago

How? Is there something wrong with a gay or black man?

Vyralize3190d ago

The words "black", "gay" and so on are only bad because of the meaning you put into the word. I don't see anything wrong with being black or gay, so why should it make the title suspicious. Check yourself, bro.

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