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"Fastest Smartphone Ever” Launching on 14th March; it’s not the Galaxy S4

GeekMag: «We have reports that the “Fastest Smartphone Ever” will be coming out on 14th March. I know you’re thinking that it’s going to be the Galaxy S4, well, here’s the twist. It’s not the Galaxy S4. Instead it will be a new phone by XOLO launching on the exact same day in Goa, India.«

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dilawer2785d ago

I highly doubt the XOLO being more faster than the GS4. It may be the fastest Intel phone ever but the fastest smartphone ever crown title is really something big.

AnakinAndretti2785d ago

not impressed... this phone will be the worlds lamest smart phone before the end of summer. the technology for mobile devices exceeds itself far too often for titles like "fastest" or "best" to exist.

Th3 Chr0nic2785d ago

article seems to be more about the galaxy s4 than the xolo. why not just leave that out lol

dilawer2785d ago

One does not simply....leave out the Galaxy S4

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