Dr Noel Sharkey to Launch Stop Killer Robots Campaign

Planet Ivy: There is a bleak future ahead for the human race, with some sources predicting that by 2029 mankind will have been effectively eradicated by an artificial intelligence uprising. More bad news comes with the knowledge that the only man who can save us is currently facing police charges for battery on his girlfriend.

Thankfully, a new saviour has emerged from the ether: Dr Noel Sharkey (PhD DSc FITE FBCS CITP FRIN FRSA – yeah), the former Robot Wars judge and Professor of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics at the University of Sheffield.

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jameshodges2782d ago

there is a scary, 'Skynet' style future awaiting us..

mrtechnology2782d ago

Awaiting? It's already here for people in Pakistan

jameshodges2782d ago

A scary future where people aren't held accountable..

jimmyofages2782d ago

...and the rest of the middle east, if reports are to be believed. And yet governments are more unaccountable then ever

jimmyofages2782d ago (Edited 2782d ago )

I love how the guy from Robot 'Wars' wants to be our saviour :D

appleandroid2782d ago

It'd be funny if these things weren't taking people's lives!

appleandroid2782d ago

I can't see this getting anywhere, in all honesty. The U.S> can not be stopped.

androidboy2782d ago

IF everyone thought like that, no progress would be made..