Samsung Galaxy S IV Photos and specs leaked and Apparently Confirms Rumoured Specs

Mobotalks : Samsung Galaxy S IV Photos and specs leaked and Apparently Confirms Rumoured Specs

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solid_warlord2791d ago

2500mAh battery! oh god, looks like this will be dreadfull. I had serious problem with S3. It was a great phone but the battery was ridiculous. The battery has to be on Par with galaxy note 2 atleast.

fatstarr2791d ago

lol the Omnia had 1440mAh
the Galaxy S had a 1500mAh

so a2500 seems like a good boost, I was getting days worth of battery time on both of those phones. are you managing your self correcly?

ex cutting 3g when not in use
using wifi when available
killing running processes
Airplane mode in tunnels and no reception areas
good screen management
no running backgrounds
no fancy power things?

all that stuff kills your battery. ive had 100% go to 33% in 1 underground train ride

solid_warlord2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

U fool. I am fully aware of power saving ect. I use wifi when its available if not i stick with 3G. I put my S3 power to power saving with brightness to the very low ect. I make sure apps and unwanted notification are disabled. I still get the screen using between 54% - 73% use. Its a problem with S3. I had to get rid cause of battery. U clearly don't have issues cause u dont use ur phone much. I do not consider myself as heavy user but moderate. My battery wont last long, defo not until day is over and i have tried many third party battery and they are bad. All i ask for samsung is they fix the battery. Battery is the only thing that technologicaly speaking...doesn't evolve. Given the fact that S4 will be a bigger 5inch screen with 1080p resolution, it looks as though 2500mAh wont cut it.