Sony confirms 4K movies for PS4, say hello to 100GB downloads

Techradar - Is the world ready for movie downloads in excess of 100GB? Sony seems to think so, with super high-resolution 4K movies now confirmed for the PS4.
The Verge reported this week that Sony Electronics President and Chief Operating Officer Phil Molyneux confirmed 4K video will indeed be supported on the company's still-unseen PS4.

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hazelamy2790d ago

i think i'd prefer discs, that way they don't take up any more space than my "low res" dvds.

assuming i ever get a 4k tv at some point, and i don't see that happening for a long, long time, if at all.

eferreira2789d ago

nice thing is that they are thinking ahead. It will be years for this to be the norm but you'll already have a machine capable of doing so. I remember back in 07 when Microsoft said hdmi and 1080p wasn't needed for gaming.

dcbronco2789d ago

Japan might be the target for 4k. There government has already pushed the start of the turnover I think. US is way behind Japan in technology. Plus over here the seller has to be the one to cover the bandwidth cost. Two movies and you're almost out of bandwidth on a lot of providers.

kingPoS2789d ago

Long live disc media!!

100gb downloads... pftt! Not with dsl it won't.

kingmushroom2789d ago

now If only i could get a 4K TV

Tzuno2789d ago

wtf not all the people have monster internet speed. This sucks, i prefer a bbrip that has 1.4gb and looks stunning. Have a nice day.

Wintersun6162789d ago

Progress sucks? It's not like 4K will be the only option available. Blu-ray will still be there. Sony are thinking ahead and providing support for this early. Doesn't mean that you will have to use it.

RE_L_MAYER2789d ago

I got 3mb per sec speed-thats ridiculous if im gonna decide to download something

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