Time Warner Cable's arrogance perfectly illustrates why the cable industry is so disliked

BGR - By now you’ve probably read the comments from Time Warner Cable (TWC) CTO Irene Esteves explaining that her company doesn’t plan to build out fiber to the home because there’s no evidence that American consumers actually want super-fast networks. While a lot of people expressed surprise in response to this attitude, it’s actually been a common refrain from the cable industry and its defenders for quite some time now — let’s recall that National Cable & Telecommunications Association CEO Michael Powell recently described achieving gigabit speeds as an “irrelevant exercise in bragging rights.”


Millions of Time Warner Cable Customer Records Exposed in Third-Party Data Leak

Roughly four million records containing the personal details of Time Warner Cable (TWC) customers were discovered stored on an Amazon server without a password late last month.


New York Sues Over Slow Internet Speeds: 'Time Warner Cable Has Been Ripping You Off'

Today, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman filed a lawsuit accusing Charter’s subsidiary, Spectrum, of lying to customers about the internet speeds it advertised and the reliability of its network.

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AT&T Says It Can Take Easier Route to Time Warner Purchase

AT&T Inc. and Time Warner Inc. said they can avoid having the Federal Communications Commission scrutinize their proposed merger, eliminating a significant hurdle in the path of the $85.4 billion deal that’s attracted criticism from President-elect Donald J. Trump.

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