AMD Hit The Jackpot With Next Generation Consoles

Mobile & Apps: "Advanced Micro Devices, Inc (AMD), is on a high this year as the company appears to be providing key components for all three next generation consoles. Profit margins for 2013 to 2019 should be lucrative for AMD, as all three consoles are expected to sell over 70 million units during their lifetimes."

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sony4life482799d ago

Good deal glad to see sony went with them this time around instead of nvidia.

Rageanitus2798d ago

Whats wrong Nvidia.
They have always brought top tiered Video Cards on the market.

Yes their high end cards were priced high (but they were powerful). The Mid range and low range is priced quite competitively.

SITH2798d ago

Agreed, I rather have seen Nvidia get this deal.

Cueil2797d ago

NVidia breaks thermal rules with their chipsets so it's their fault and the way they screwed Microsoft probably left a sour taste in some people's mouth

Rageanitus2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

Ppl are quite closed minded, just look what happened when AMD bought ATI, they lost a alot of market share since then vs Intel and Nvidia.

Amd/ATI has been producing things for consoles for quite some time now, and all of a sudden the console fanboys think its a complete win for AMD/ATI.... the market is not only geared to consoles.

Just look at the stock prices of Intel, NVDA, AMD. Just look at how things fluctuated and this will show a general Idea on how well the company has been doing in the past 5 years.

solid_warlord2798d ago

Nvidia are tight garbage..over priced to the max products

SnakeCQC2798d ago

well my gtx670 was was priced like 50 quid less than the 7970 and out performs it but yh stuff like the titan and 690 etc are usually insanely overpriced

solid_warlord2798d ago

Last time i checked the benchmark...7970 outperformed it in every level.

solid_warlord2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

hd7970 is a top end graphics card. It is faster and in average run games at much higher frame rate compared to GTX670. A better comparison would be HD7970 Vs GTX680. Below are benchmarks comparisons which proves HD7970 slaughter GT670.

SnakeCQC2797d ago

there very little difference between the 670 and 680 but for the very most part the 670 does beat the 7970

Im not starting some kind of fanboy war etc each gen i go by the best bang for pound ratio last gen i had 6850

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