Can’t find browser tab with noisy music? Google Chrome has a solution

Vyralize: How many times have we visited sites that have music set to autoplay without our permission? Sometimes finding it could be a chore, but Google Chrome will soon have an answer for that.

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Vyralize4164d ago

This is cool! Hate browsing those porn *cough cough* I mean educational sites and hearing unwanted audio.

fatstarr4163d ago

disable flash and set it on click to activate makes the internet a beautiful place.

mcroddi4164d ago

Nice, I HATE HATE the autplay music

FaSCoRP4164d ago

Yeah, hate it too, mostly for holiday places or kitchen furniture :|

SilentNegotiator4164d ago (Edited 4164d ago )

Just use AdBlock Plus and go nuts blocking nasty ad servers if it bothers you.

hesido4164d ago

Sometimes the sh**ty site itself plays music.


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