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Galaxy S IV announcement confirmed for March 14th Samsung has just announced 14th March as the date for its Unpacked event in New York where they will unveil the Galaxy S IV.

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newsguy3200d ago

5 inch screen! that's huge

jidery3200d ago

So it's a galaxy note?

fatstarr3200d ago

... so they are gonna push this 4.7-5.1 touch screen as standard?

none the less im excited for an upgrade

ThePundit3200d ago

Since both asus and htc came out with the aluminium phones, i hope samsung does so too..

sam53199d ago

samsung is on fire. Launching products one after the other non stop ! beware competitors

MooseWI3199d ago

That's not always a good thing. Competition is good because it forces developers to make bigger and better things, but within a sense.

sam53199d ago

yeah samsung may well exhaust its ideas and is it just me or u also feel that samsung is over producing the android phones as in the samsung galaxy series with low budget phones such as y and then samsung ace,samung music which are almost the same. when it comes to the expensive phones it has different versions in s3 including s3 mini than it has the note 2 and now it has the samsung grand. all of them are more or less the same. these phones will compete with each other which might cause a downfall for samsung.

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