Would You Pay $1,299 for Touchscreen Chromebook?

Maximum PC: It's not entirely clear what Google is thinking by launching a $1,299 Chromebook. Oh, haven't you heard? Google on Thursday unveiled the Chromebook Pixel, essentially a high-octane Chromebook with a 13.3-inch touchscreen display and 2560x1700 resolution. Google says it's the highest resolution of any notebook in its class, but that luxury doesn't come cheap, as it's also the highest priced Chromebook to date.

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justinbkerr4164d ago

Maybe if it did all my work for me.

evil_element4164d ago

Looks like Macbook Air has better deal = Same specs but $400 less with a 128GB > 256GB Hard drive. Chrome offers theirs with 32-64GB hard drive.

Sangheili854163d ago (Edited 4163d ago )

I wish I knew what Air you are referring to. The Macbook Airs that apple sells doesn't have 2560x1700 resolution, Gorilla Glass multi-touch screen, and etched-glass trackpad. Please link me that Macbook air?

/end sarcasm.

But in all honesty, Some people online are thinking Google is doing this as more of a "Look what companies can do if they try!" something they have done before. Yes, it does seem a bit high and to kinda defend the storage, they are trying to push Cloud, which is why they give you a free 1TB of cloud storage.

evil_element4163d ago

For the sake little bitty more res, greesy screen and tiny hard drive. Maybe it looks idle for some?

Captain Tuttle4163d ago

Frankly I'd rather have a Surface Pro for that money, so much more you can do with it.


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