AOL still rakes in $500 million from dial up subscriptions

Vyralize: AOL still manages to bring in $500 million from its dial-up subscription business by offering its users a great deal for their buck.

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Vyralize2801d ago

Woah! I could use some of that money for a vacation to Bora Bora. Too bad they suck at everything. Maybe they could invest it in some new starts ups or something. Never know where the next great idea might be!

mcroddi2801d ago

This is mental - unbelievable that they are still making money off of dial up.

gamernova2801d ago

Dang!!! That is crazy!!! That is worse than using a phone that is not touch screen lol

mushroomwig2801d ago

There's nothing wrong with using a phone that isn't touch-screen, that's a personal preference.

gamernova2801d ago

I never said there was something wrong with it. I am simply speaking about the age of the interface. Obviously dial up may also be a preference because of low price. I was simply relating the aging interfaces together. Although I can see why you would consider it an attack by my use of the term "worse". I mean worse as in outdated but some people prefer the old over the new.

2pacalypsenow2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

Not really touch screen phone didn't become the norm till about 2008-2009 dial-up has been phased out since about 2003-2004

kingPoS2801d ago

I don't regret having to launch a program for internet accesses. Being forced to use the aol browser was the worst injustice of them all.

It's unfortunate that some folk don't have at least DSL available to them.

Software_Lover2801d ago

Ahhhh, AOL. The first social networking site. I remember the long nights on Aol chat, lol.

bigrob9042800d ago

i remember i use to go to the lesbian chatrooms and they love to trade pics. now whats funny is i obviously had a guy name for my account but i guess because this was a lesbian chatroom they just paid it no mind. i would have them send me their pics and i would just get off. they would be like "ok now send me yours." funny thing is i was like 11 at the most maybe 10. those were the days of fooling people much older than myself. i'm so proud of me.

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The story is too old to be commented.