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Staples to offer 3D Printing services

Vyralize: Staples will soon be offering 3D printing facilities at its retail outlets.

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mcroddi3211d ago

I truly can't wait for 3D printing... it will be awesome once it's a consumer product.

Vyralize3211d ago

Just need to wait a little bit before I can print my car!

fatstarr3211d ago

this is cool hopefully they use really good material and its cheap.

LOL I expect the news in a couple years to say...

"child builds gun using 5 different staples locations and a 3D design."

the law is going to hit this heavy in the states.

Gondee3210d ago

He would still need bullets, and the barrel.

kingPoS3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

This is great! 3D printers could use more good publicity. Maybe within five years they'll be as commonly used as laserjet printers.