Samsung Galaxy Note battery catches on fire in man’s pants; causes second degree burns

Vyralize: A Seoul man had a case of hot pants after a Samsung Galaxy Note battery in his pocket caught fire, resulting in second degree burns.

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Speed-Racer2106d ago

Hmmm he must use his phone quite a lot. I'm assuming he has two batteries and swaps them from time to time to allow for one to charge while the other is in use.

LOL_WUT2106d ago

He should sue the company and get a compensation the hospital bills aren't going to pay themselves. ;)

fatstarr2106d ago (Edited 2106d ago )

"but they did make it clear that the lithium-ion battery " he can only sue himself for being stupid, he didnt take care of properly sealing off the terminals from metal to metal contact from whatever he was doing.

Speed-Racer2106d ago

Ignore LOL_WUT. Either he is a troll or just doesn't read the stories.

gunnerforlife2106d ago

no lie on monday my phone got so hot in my pocket that i literally had to turn it of and take the battery out or my S3 would of probably caught fire. It took around half hour for it to cool down.

fatstarr2106d ago

ive had my phone discharge in gps mode on the dash, in the hot sun. lol it went into emergency suicide shut down mode.

Speed-Racer2105d ago

My nexus 4 gets pretty hot as well and it's Lithium Polymer. When it's doing something intensive that required 4G, it goes past 100 degrees sometimes. :/

Funky_Homosapien2105d ago

this is why you get an iPhone.

Speed-Racer2105d ago

Errr what? There have been a number of instances where iPhones have overheated and ignited.

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