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Sony’s next PlayStation being unveiled February 20th

Vyralize: Is the new PlayStation around the corner? Yep, the wait is finally over.

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konnerbllb3222d ago

I don't play playstation, I have a wii and 360 but I admit I'm excited as well. Love new tech.

Anarki3221d ago

Really curious about the controller. I think that will be the most important part, obviously. Looking forward to 20th, hopefully Microsoft will follow up with the successor to the 360.

Crazyglues3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

And So it Begins...

I'm just Glad they decided to give us a taste because it's hard waiting for these consoles to drop, when you just want to see something or hear something from the actual companies, instead of just rumors...

Can't wait.. Love that this is right around the corner, Feb 20th is just a few weeks away..


shutUpAndTakeMyMoney3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Sony will be best next gen.. Why? Because they have more to do and they do more. They are advertising the Sh!t out of god of war for ps3 and in the same month announce ps4?? Talk about unmatched support. After Ni No Kuni. I am still waiting for Gow, Beyond & the last of us, Puppeteer.

Then I will pre order ps4. To much gaming sheesh..

Glad to see them going hard first! If they announce it maybe we can get straight into games at e3 instead of the 20 min history of playstation in the beginning. I just want to see the games and gaikai.

3221d ago
PS4isKing_823222d ago

*pulls out credit card for pre order of games and console*

Ezio20483222d ago

yeah I know what it feels like to witness a new console getting announced...!! :D

black9113222d ago

Cant wait love me some playstation. Granturismo,god of war,uncharted,heavy rain,ratchet and clank,mlb the show,resitance,killzone,motors torm,metal gear,uncharted,twisted metal,sly cooper,jak and daxter....... List goes on

WarPuppet963222d ago

Gonna have me some fun!
Gonna have me some fun!

newsguy3221d ago

Hmm..didn't sony say they would wait until Microsoft anounces their new console first?

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