Low Prices are Driving Rapid Tablet Adoption, Where Does That Leave Surface?

Maximum PC: Analysts came up short in predicting just how popular tablets would be in 2012, which according to preliminary data from International Data Corporation (IDC) grew 75.3 percent year-over-year in the fourth quarter. Tablet shipments topped 52.5 million units worldwide in Q4, and to put that number into perspective, the same research firm says PC shipments reached 89.8 million units in the same quarter.

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newsguy2829d ago

Surface is too expensive

lonix2829d ago

Surface is too new! It won't gain traction for another year.

mcstorm2828d ago

The way I see it, it depends on what you want a tablet for on what you should get. I have had a Ipad, Samsung Tab (Original 7") Moto Xoom and now I have a Surface and for me the Ipad, Samsung Tab (Original 7")and Moto Xoom did not do what I wanted them to do as I wanted a tablet to use for Media and also Work. The Surface is perfect for this. I was going to wait for the pro but decided to give the RT a go and I have to say im impressed as it will do everything I need to do and I now don't need to take my work laptop home with me as I have all my personal documents synced with Sky drive and Office documents and software on my Business Box account and as I only use remote tools VPN Office One Note and our help desk my surface can do all this as well as connect to an external Monitor.

But that said if I wanted to use it as an E-Reader then the surface screen is to big for it the same as the Ipad. I would tell anyone to look at a 7" tablet if they want it more for ereading than anything else.

Also The Surface can replace 99.9% of general users home pc's because they tend to use it for Music, Videos, Facebook, pictures, Office and web browsing. But this is windows 8 in general not just the surface. Android tablets and the Ipads can not do all of this in the same was as windows 8 and RT.

But like I said it all depends on what people want depends on what they should go for.

If they want to keep there current pc and want a Media device that they can pickup and play with then look at the 10" tablets. If they want a Ereader and the odd bit of web browsing then look at the 7" tablets and if they want something that can replace there home pc but be portable look at the Windows 8/RT devices.

Gondee2828d ago

The surface didn't release at a compelling price point. A lot of people know the horror stories of early android tablet adopters, so i think there is some hesitance at the moment. People have to fully trust the tablet these days, as they do with the ipad. At 500 dollars people can choose, a) the best tablet (by review) on the market, or b) a new and lesser rated tablet that has few apps. I think had Microsoft a big chance to break the tablet game wide open, and they failed because they decided they wanted Apples big quality with Apples profit margins.

And yes, i know theres the whole OEM price wars they are avoiding.