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Apple Releases iOS 6 Beta 5 For iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad Developers

TechDeville: Apple has just seeded the latest iOS 6 Beta 5 release for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Developers can grab iOS 6 Beta 5 from Apple’s iOS developers center right now.

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black9113228d ago

I hace a Ipod Touch 6G. I'm not a tech person so Break this down and tell me what will this do? And how will it benefit me?

Speed-Racer3228d ago

You can toast bread with it.

Wintersun6163228d ago

I always wanted a toaster on the go.

caseh3228d ago (Edited 3228d ago )

You can also let your girlfriend/wife go as it does most of the day-to-day chores in the kitchen. Handjobs and other sexual favours will be made available in the next beta.

black9113227d ago

Screw you guys.

In my Arnold Swzger. Voice