BlackBerry Z10 priced at £480 SIM-free by purported Carphone Warehouse database leak

Engadget: With all the BlackBerry 10 leaks as of late, it seems inevitable that pricing info would get ousted in the lead up to January 30th. Thanks to an anonymous tipster, it appears that the SIM-free version of RIM's Z10 will cost UKers a cool £480 at Carphone Warehouse (for perspective, a 16GB iPhone 5 would run you just roughly £30 more).

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BlackBerry Z10, Top Rival launched by BlackBerry for iPhone

Get a simple BlackBerry in your hand, remove the QWERTY keyboard actually throw all the buttons away, make it a little bigger, make it a little stronger, make it slightly slimmer, choose a larger screen and better resolution and in the end you get a Z10.

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Sahil3367d ago

Year 2045:

Blackerry's still trying some new shit!


BlackBerry Z10 sold out after price cut, more stock expected soon

The Financial Express - you were planning to cash in on the price cut and buy BlackBerry Z10 then you might have to wait a week or so to get your phone, for the smartphone has almost vanished from stores across India.

Now, available for a limited period offer price of Rs 17,990, the phone is sold out at most online as well as brick and mortar dealers. We could not find the phone is stock with most top NCR dealers. Some of them said new stock should be in by March 10.

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BlackBerry Z10 Now Costs $0.01 on Amazon

GI: "If you ever wanted to own the first ever Full-Touch smartphone from BlackBerry, then now is the best time to do it because Amazon has cut down the price for BlackBerry Z10 down to $0.01 – We have no idea why didn’t they just make it a complete zero."

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Speed-Racer4010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

With a contract -_- Which essentially means you pay for it via your phone bill.

dilawer4010d ago

That's how things work. Most people buy on contract phones. Though, they end up paying more than the phone's actual price in the end.

Speed-Racer4010d ago

I know that. Hate headlines like these that make it seem uber cheap when it's really not.

dilawer4010d ago

Oh! Sorry, so you actually thought it was a penny for the unlocked version.