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Record Breaking Apple Q1 2013 Results With 54 Billion In Revenues

Iphonbuzz: New Year, new results! Apple has released the results of the fiscal first quarter of 2013 during the traditional audio call, starting with proceeds of 54.51 billion dollars revenue.

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Speed-Racer2834d ago

How much of that is lawsuit revenues?

samyblare2833d ago

Apple VS Google.. both are crushing each other in term of sales and profits

calis2832d ago

I had a fanboi actually celebrating this on facebook.

LOL_WUT2832d ago

In December 10 iOS devices sold per second
$ 2.1 billion of revenues from sales of iTunes Store
2 billion downloads in the App Store in the month of December
2 million Apple TVs sold, an increase of 60% compared to last year
$ 1.6 billion of revenue from the Apple Retail Store

See, Apple is not going anywhere spin it however you want. ;)

adorie2832d ago

Check their stock price. friend of mine lost 7 grand yesterday on his shares.

Gondee2832d ago

Its called market fluctuation, and it happens to EVERY company. Stock prices do not always tell how the products are selling.

I call BS on your "Friend". To l"lose" 7k on a 12% drop is pretty impressive.

SKUD2832d ago

Now's the time to buy in.