530° enters top 150 sites, bigger than DropBox, Rapidshare

kitGuru - Kim Dotcom’s recently launched Mega file locker website has been climbing the ranks of the world’s biggest sites very quickly indeed. Just yesterday it had become the biggest site in New Zealand and today it’s managed to eclipse not only Rapidshare, but DropBox as well.

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-Mezzo-3235d ago

Holy Smoke.

And i haven't been able to visit the site even once.

Crazyglues3234d ago

Yeah first few days were buggy as hell, but it's working sweet now...

Been using it for the last two days and it's awesome.

Speed-Racer3234d ago

With 1 million sign ups in the first few days, what do you expect?

jon12343234d ago

i signed up too! and with my actual real e mail address, thats saying somthing...