LG Optimus G Pro Superphone Announced in Japan

Maximum PC: We've been hearing rumors of a high-octane successor to LG's already well-equipped Optimus G smartphone, and they've now been confirmed by a wireless carrier in Japan. LG's next superphone is the Optimus G Pro, a heavy-hitting device with a 5-inch Full HD 1080p (1920x1080) IPS display and 1.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, along with several other high-end amenities.

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newsguy4192d ago

I hear Japan is behind the US in the smartphone business.


Bendy phones that wrap around wrists could be reality in 5 years: Lenovo

Bendable smartphones could be a reality in five years, Lenovo's head of mobile told CNBC.

donwel2931d ago

Very easy to steal too from the looks of it.
More pointless, overpriced attachments to compensate for designer shortsightedness could be a reality in 5 years.


5 futuristic phones that were ahead of their time, but still flopped

Some people mocked the original iPhone when it launched, and the Samsung Galaxy Note provoked much mirth for being too big, but both defied their critics with strong sales and spawned sequels that are still going strong. The phones we’re looking at here had a different fate. They may have pointed the way for the future of smartphones, but they failed to capitalize on it.

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Devil-X2933d ago

Lumia 1020 was definitely the biggest shocker of all. I still remember how I thought it would do great in the markets when it was first announced.


Fujifilm's New Wireless Photo Printer Turns Your Phone Into a Polaroid

Shake it like a smartphone printer. Actually, no. Don't shake it. Your prints will be ready in ten seconds.

Devil-X2933d ago

Let me warn you before hand that it is gonna cost you a fortune if you plan on using this one for some regular use.