Windows 8 Debut Marred by "Soft" PC Shipments, HP Retains Lead Over Lenovo

Maximum PC: Even though the fourth quarter of 2012 kicked off a new era in computing with the launch of Windows 8, it wasn't enough to prop up the PC market and save it from sluggish demand. In fact, the most recent holiday shopping season was the first in five years to see a year-on-year decline in PC demand, according to the latest data from International Data Corporation (IDC).

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justinbkerr2105d ago

Sad to see the PC in decline.

Yi-Long2105d ago

... IS Windows 8.

I absolutely don't want it, yet all new PC's and laptops come pre-installed with it at the moment, hence a serious reluctance to pick up new hardware.

I'm sure I'm not alone in this, so it seems Windows 8 is harming hardware sales, and hopefully publishers will soon offer the option to go with Windows 7 again instead.