Asus Preps Qube with Google TV and Transformer All-In-One PC for CES Debut

HotHardware: You better believe Asus intends to make a splash at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, like a rhino jumping off the high-dive. It starts off with a canonball unveiling of the "Asus Qube with Google TV" (just "Qube" from here on out), a square shaped device intended to add Google TV to your high definition television.

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fatstarr2354d ago

with a raspberry Pi on the way and a Ouya coming soon. Im running out of space for my tv gadgets. every port is filled except 1

I have a Roku for tv streaming, my pc hooked up for multiple screens, a 360 and a wiiu both capable of streaming and all that jazz. + plenty of other devices hooked up... the market is beginning to get saturated