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This is my next Monitor: 29″ of Dell [U2913WM]

Noble Press: I have been on a savage hunt for a new monitor, because sadly my old LG is starting to show its age. I wanted to keep true to that 16:10 aspect ratio. So in this stage of hunting I was very limited. Not many monitors on the market stay true to the ratio. Most displays are of 16:9 aspect ratio. Blame this on TV manufacturers and consumers’ limited attention to resolution. It became a standard to build displays in the “HD” or 1080p resolution. It sells monitors and it is easy for a consumer to know they are getting “quality.”

While I may play games, I arguably spend more time in applications like Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and Final Cut. A resolution of 1920×1080 is a slight bit too tight on the vertical while being absolutely unacceptable in a screen size larger than 23″. Limiting my options even more, I began to look at high resolution displays that put any 1080 panel to shame. I landed myself in the 24″ (1920×1200), 27″ (2560×1440), and the venerable 30″ (2560×1600) monitor size. None of these options comes cheap. They range from $400-$1,300 for a monitor that was going to fulfill my needs...

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