Apple iPhone 5 vs HTC Droid DNA Detail Comparison

iTechbook : HTC Droid DNA is making its presence known due to its killer specs sheet and suave design. It is newer than the iPhone5.

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faizanshakyboy3208d ago

HTC droid DNA will definitely give iphone 5 tough time

edward32223207d ago

iPhone is better because it look like thing of class other phones look like toys

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iNFAMOUZ13207d ago

i wish everyone would stop comparing everything new to iphone 5, iphone is crap, its all in the name, everything else has been outdone

3206d ago
eferreira3206d ago

what does the htc do that innovative?

CraigandDayDay3206d ago

Exactly. Everyone keeps crying INNOVATION. LOL What else can these phones do? haha What do you expect Apple to stick in the iPhone 5s?? A built-in time machine?? "Gun it to 88mph, Siri. Take me back to see the dinosaurs." lmao

PR_FROM_OHIO3206d ago

Why when they make Billions upon Billions of dollars each year!! Lol

eferreira3206d ago

HTC offer the amazing app store? Nope. Apple wins

Consoldtobots3206d ago

ummm it's called the android market?

spunkee3113206d ago

Apparently you haven't been to the Android Market. It's got nothing on Apple's app store

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