Puget Systems Provides Inside Look at Windows 8 vs 7 Sales

Maximum PC: Depending on where you look, Windows 8 is either off to a scorching fast start or it flopped out of the gate with little interest from consumers. There doesn't appear to be much middle ground. Obviously, Microsoft is promoting the former, claiming it sold 40 million Windows 8 licenses in the first month. Yet companies like Asus are saying that the demand for Windows is "not that good," while PC OEMs in general are refusing to take the blame for soft sales. What's the real story? To help answer that question, Puget Systems posted some interesting data and thoughts about its own Windows 8 versus Windows 7 sales figures.

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nukeitall3205d ago

I agree, Windows 8 freaking rocks.

I'm using the pre-release version and it screams. I don't bother booting into Windows 7 anymore (I dual boot).

fatstarr3206d ago

theres nothing wrong with windows 8
people just prefer 7 and what they have already.
Humans naturally dont like change but once they are pulling vista marketing and stuffing it down our throats we will see the big picture.

bumnut3206d ago

8 is terrible, everything seems to take more clicks. I work in IT and our company will not be investing in windows 8, and business is where most OS's are sold.

FordGTGuy3206d ago

I'm using Windows 8 right now and if you think everything takes more clicks you really need to find a job in a new field.

aviator1893206d ago

yeah...i doubt you actually work in an it company..

and no, everything doesn't take more clicks..don't know where you got that from. I understand people disliking the version for other reasons, but your claim is just untrue.

bumnut3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

I don't work for an IT company. I work in the IT department for a company. Windows 8 is not pleasant to use, its a step backwards imo.

If I upgraded our office computers to windows 8, the helpdesk phone would melt with the amount of calls.

As for more clicks, not everything takes more clicks but it is annoying having to move the mouse to the sides/corners of the screen.

mcstorm3206d ago

I think its funny all the hate windows 8 is getting because it has not got a start menu and a touch UI.

If you are a none touch user you will spend 99.9% of your time in the desktop mode so what is the issue? the only difference is you now have a start menu that you pin your applications to and then you can hit the start button or go to the bottom left hand corner and click to bring the new start menu up and then click your app to open it and it then opens your app and your back to the desktop mode.

If your a tablet use you use the market place to get all your apps like on a Ipad or Android tablet and when you click on the app on the new start menu it keeps you in the new ui and you use the new gestures to get through the apps the only thng you use the Old desktop for is Office and this is where you would have a mouse and keyboard on your tablet anyway.

Really people what is there to complain about. Windows 8 gives you a choice on how and what formate of device you want and a OS for everything.

No other laptop/tablet in the market can offer this. Windows 8 is faster, more flexible and runs on old hardware and connects to 99% of Printer, Hard drives, Modems, Phones, MP3 players, Domain networks and more.

Why have a laptop and a tablet when you can have it all in one?

Somebody3206d ago

About your second paragraph : you've just described the primary function/mechanics of a Start menu even though you're talking about Win 8 UI (well, I do hope you're talking about the new Start menu). Click the Old Start button and a menu with all your regularly used programs will popped out. Guest what? You can also put whatever programs into the Start menu...just like pinning an app into the Metro UI. In fact, right on any shortcut or program and you have the option to pin it to the Start menu.

When I first heard about Metro, I imagined it's a bunch of live tiles floating in the desktop space. Instead totally taking the whole screen or switching back and forth between those two UIs while getting rid of the taskbar and Start menu.

Oh, have anyone noticed how the Win 8 desktop looks like Windows 95? It's rather flat and dull.

SilentNegotiator3206d ago

Fanatics REALLY need to stop with the "I don't understand the 'hate'!" crap.

It's less convenient for desktop and laptop users. They removed even MORE basic features. Is it really THAT hard to understand?

mcstorm3205d ago

@Somebody Both the old and new start menu work in the same way by pinning to the start menu so why is everyone making a fuss about it the only difference is it looks different that's it.

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