Indian town bans women from using cell phones to cut down on affairs

Digitaltrends: In an attempt to save the institution of marriage, a village in eastern India has banned women from using cell phones, believing that that will reduce the number of extra-marital affairs in the community.

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iNFAMOUZ13215d ago

now if only america implemented this here, every girl i talk to or know has like 2 or 5+ affairs, its disgusting.

Kurylo3d3215d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

Maybe the men need to learn how to please their woman before getting married.(Physically and mentally). They need to stop trying to blame it on cellphones to save face. We all know the real reason they cant hold a marriage together... this ban on cellphones is the reason. The lack of respect for women is the reason. Looking at them as some second hand peice of property to be owned and controlled is the reason. And why do the men get to keep their cellphones? Dont men cheat as well? lol...

sjaakiejj3214d ago

This is just ridiculous. Why do men get to keep their phones then? And do they really believe that Cell Phones are the cause of these affairs? Generally affairs are a bit more physical than that.