Rosewill Could Power a Small City with Hercules 1600W PSU

Maximum PC: Admittedly we may have a exaggerated a tad with our title (emphasis on "tad"), but holy moly, what an insane amount of wattage. The new Hercules 1600W power supply from Rosewill (Newegg's house brand) is a beast that is probably bigger than what the wiring in most homes is capable of supplying, at least at full bore. Speaking of which, can you imagine the system it would take to fully stress a PSU like this?

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newsguy3220d ago

why would you even need a PSU that powerful???

hiredhelp3220d ago

4x sli or crossfire 5x HDDs but even that wont use 1600watt

GameSpawn3219d ago

4 way SLI/Crossfire as well as overclocking everything (CPU, GPUs, and RAM) would eat into that 1600W pretty quickly, but the system stability would be very questionable and the entire system would become one hell of a heat pump. You would be hard pressed anyway to find a motherboard, or other components themselves, that would hold up to overclocking all the main components enough to use what this thing gives you on each of its rails.

SnakeCQC3219d ago

over clocked i5 2500k 2 gtx 670s would barely hit 550w

Speed-Racer3219d ago

A very small city actually needs something like at least 2MW though.

SilentNegotiator3219d ago

While they were probably just being cute, that statement managed to bother me as well.